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K-Star HK - 香港韓娛媒體 / KPOP Media From HK .

About Us

K-Star HK是香港網上媒體, 致力搜羅最新韓流資訊, 讓讀者能夠觀看優質新聞圖和現場實況報導為目標。多次獲得韓星本人, 韓國新聞網等以我們的獨家新聞圖/影片作為新聞材料加以轉發。 近年我們亦積極在中港澳台韓等各地的韓星活動中派遣記者到現場報導採訪, 希望能為讀者帶來更多一手韓星快訊。

所有屬於K-Star HK的相片/影片均嚴禁修改以及用作於任何用途,轉載請註明出處。

K-starHK is a Hong Kong based online media, which collects latest K-pop news and high quality photos for our readers. Our news often cited by Korea news website and shared by Korean celebrities via Social Medias. Recently we are trying our best to send our reporters to different places in Asia to have interviews and reports for various kinds of kpop event, hoping that we can bring the latest news for our readers.

To re-upload our photos, please credit K-Star HK and respect all the efforts K-Star HK has paid. 
You are NOT allowed to modify or crop any photos/cams Commercial use are prohibited!