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BTS’s Challange And MAMA (第十屆 ‘MAMA’ 的 ‘#LikeMAMA’ 活動)

BTS’s Challange And MAMA

The 10th Annual MAMA Campaign “#LikeMAMA” Begins
1st Week Opens with Global Boyband BTS
第十屆 ‘MAMA’ 的 ‘#LikeMAMA’ 活動 首週主人公全球大勢防彈少年團

The Spectacular Music Awards Ceremony “2018 MAMA” Unites the Asian Nations into One Coming to Korea, Japan & Hong Kong From 10th to 14th December 2018
用音樂把亞洲結為一體的最強音樂頒獎典禮 “2018 MAMA”將於12月10日至14日於韓國、日本、香港三個地區隆重舉行

With the celebration of the 10th annual MAMA(Mnet Asian Music Awards), #LikeMAMA campaign will kick off officially on 23rd October 2018 for all MAMA lovers to participate in dream and enthusiasm of MAMA. The first week opens with BTS, a global boyband who are breaking records worldwide and re-writing their own history. Their exclusive interview is finally revealed to everyone.

為了慶祝第十屆’MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards)’,於10月23日正式開展 ‘#LikeMAMA’ 活動,讓一眾喜愛 ‘MAMA’、與 ‘MAMA’ 抱有共同夢想和熱情的歌手及樂迷都能參與其中。 活動第一彈的主角是每天開創新歷史的國際級歌手「防彈少年團」,大家將能看到他們的特別訪問。

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